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The site consists mainly of links,organised by topic, to other sources of information.
Most of them will take you straight to an article on which seemed particularly helpful.
(sometimes a message thread might seem wrongly indexed....but scroll down the replies,it's there somewhere.)
Hopefully, they'll save some fruitless searching...esp. since the ezboard search facility only goes back a few weeks.
There's also a full explanation of file types here and an "unofficial" tutorial about Resampling here.

Sampling Mode
File Mode
Voice Mode
Performance Mode
Master Mode
Song and Pattern Mode
Just Song Issues
Just Pattern issues
Live playing issues
Polyphony Issues
Mixing Mode
Utility Mode
Motif vs....
Comparisons with other synths/samplers.
Fairly obscure stuff

I've sold my Motif 6 as of February 2002, so there won't be any more updates to this site, One final suggestion that looks very promising is
Gazza's Motif School

Regrettably, due to the way the Motifator forums are organised, many of the messages linked to here will gradually be deleted as the forums fill up.
It's not a broken link....the message is gone for good :Sorry, but it's out of my control.

I hope that the following links are useful:

They will open new browser windows.
Motif faq's
Behind the Manual
( support page:
(various Motif issues)
The MotifMart
Expansion boards,Sounds,
Sample CD's,Accessories,
and some STORMING special offers.
Making your own Voices
Step by step article by Brian Cowell
Arpeggios using Control Data
article by Brian Cowell
Shazukura's Motif website Gazza's site
(jazz MP3 made with Motif)
Cool site...too much to list
All about Sound
The Rekall Project Motif page
(with demos)

Several banks of Voice Data are available FREE ! from Motifmart...Click Here. Then select "Voice Data" from the menu on the left.

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