Motif vs Anything in the world...Comparisons with other synths and Samplers

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Motif vs Kurzweil-PC2 + S80 (2 on one!) Motif's piano sounds Motif vs XP50...Wipeout!
Can it do PSR9000 drum sounds? Motif vs all of 'em (tag team action) Motif vs polyphony (take a book!)
Motif vs Triton (grudge match...) Motif vs Triton organs(Take a bag!) vs P200
EX5 organs... Another Triton match BIG ex5 match
Roland pianos sound different Is Motif easy to use? Motif vs Fantom One on One!
AWM2 vs VAST Triton or Motif (again...) M vs karma+triton etc
vs Triton Vocoder effect How the fx work... K2500S ...Cage Match!
Kurzweil+Korg+ a Motif How "real" is a Motif Another Triton re-match
CS6X ... new blood Not enough vocals for some Triton matinee bout
Motif vs Oldsmobile... FX only...Korg & Yamaha Owners fav sounds
Motif drum sounds..any good? Does it do release triggering? Acoustic drum sounds
New owner's sound review PSR9000 Pro Are the string sounds any use ?
Motif vs S80 Rhodes Motif 6 vs Motif 7the family way SCSI speeds
What's in the box? Motf vs Akai scsi speed zzzzz... Internal hard drive?
Why use simms, not dimms? Dimms & simms again What's the usb for
Smartmedia load speeds Motif as a Master Keyboard Wot no ribbon controller?
Motif vs CS80 controllers Only four parts for live work? How the arpeggios work
Motif vs Karma arpeggios Oh! that manual Motif or Karma
Motif vs XV88 These guys like it Motif vs Triton Sequencer
Uncomfortable screen angle? Owner feedback Output gain structure
Motif vs Triton... Keyboard actions Is the sequencer easy to use?
This guy bought a Kurzweil Another user review Shall I buy one?
What else will I need? He sent his one back.. Will I need a computer?
Is there a rack version? Motif vs XV-5080 Only 4 part multi? (16 actually)
Advice b4 buying Owners 8-day review erase triton?
Harmony Central said What? Stop sequencer B4 recording?
Pattern based sequencer? Motif vs Triton sequencer Setting note range via keyboard
No "tap tempo"? Roland sample format?
Weighted keys sound better? Nord electro-sounds vs Sample loop auditioning
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