Sampling Mode

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Yamaha "Sampler Handbook" Wave numbers and Names Unofficial Resampling Tutorial
How to Import Samples Problem assigning Samples Sampling to a Song or Pattern
What is Resampling Sample only plays on one key Advice on sampling your own
piano/keyboard sounds
Saving samples as WAV files Low volume of imported Samples ? Low input level?
Convert waves to Drum Kits Sampling long? Resample with FX? Yes you can!
Simple sampling of another keyboard Sampling from another synth Slicing takes how long?
Sample CD recommendations Samples don't play in a Drumkit? SampleVoices (song/Pattern mode)don't load
User Samples in Drumkits Samples saved twice? Renaming Wave
Sampling problems if Loadmix=OFF Velocity crossfades? Slicing drum loops
Using an A5000 too Copying samples to another key Sampling Structure.
Re-recording samples. Loading WAV files Roland Sample format?
Sample cd's or PLG? Convert to Drum Voice Resampling with fx

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