Voice Mode

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Restoring one or all factory Voices Make your own Voices
Step by step by Brian Cowell of SonikMatter
Editing individual Drum sounds
Not enough polyphony? Sweet flute voice (he likes it...) Can't store edited Voices?
Where do I store edited Voices Breath controller doesn't work Editing voices again...
Microtuning...User scales? Velocity switching? Drum Voice samples
Copying Voice fx to a Mix Arranging Favourites Control sets
Filters & fx one-touch voice switching Turning leslie on/off
Steve Winwood sound Enough polyphony? More polyphony w/o plugin board
Drumkits steal polyphony. Factory defaults? Weighted keys sound better?
No aftertouch? Autoloading PLG Voices Compare function resets knobs
Is that a hiss on the main piano Voice? Managing Voices with the Voice Editor

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