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Gate control arps in Song/Pattern SampleVoice problem if LOADMIX=off Copy Voice fx to Song/Pattern?
Drumkit outputs in song/pattern Recording arpeggios to sequencer looping tracks...
Changing insert fx part with Sysex Recording performances (again) "erase" button in song/pattern record mode
Making drum patterns Sequencer locators Playing along to a Song
Basic sequencer info. How to access Motif's demo Songs/Patterns Mutes in Mixing mode
sequencing sampled loops Making drum rolls Yum! Aftertouch in Songs/Patterns
Shift clock job... Real time mutes in pattern-chain? Recording tempo changes
Recording all tracks at once no copy measure job? Editing/erasing specific events
Recording arps Recording Performances ...more Recording from another synth
Extract event problem with long notes Copy measure timing errors Copying measures...
Peformances by program change? (no) "No Data" message Getting started with sequencer
Converting Patterns to Song No aftertouch? Using .wav files in Songs
Copying more than one track... Converting sample changes Song Tempo Quantise & gate times
"Stuck" notes in Event Edit Automated fade in/out Using the A/D input
Sysex in Song tracks Voices sound different in Song mode Sampling to a Song or Pattern
Changing Voices in a Song Twiddly Bits midi files

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