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You want the metronome on all the time? Cheap CD drives Sync problems with Motu mtp av..
How to enable controllers computer editing w/o usb? Release triggering?
Microtuning...User scales? SCSI errors... File utility s/w problem
Will autoload load patterns only? Writing to cd....(no!) Smartmedia and Macs
Long scsi chains Touch up paint? Pedals not working?
More footswitch grief Bulk dumps Pedals again...
Mac/usb problem Now loading message at startup Pitchbend steps are audible
More on Macs and USB Software PLG editors? File utility not working
Changing insert fx track with Sysex File transfer setup Knob control button...
Motif + external modules USB + midi again... Mono/ stereo waves & polyphony
Leaving Motif switched ON Digital output don't work.. Sysex in Song tracks
SCSI questions USB questions Memory questions
Mix mode mutes,usb,midi (pdf) AW4416 + Motif More polyphony w/o plugin board
Sysex...what? Factory defaults? Keyboard Tray !
Weighted keys sound better? Using Breath Controller Optical output
Autoloading PLG Voices Managing Voices with the Voice Editor

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